Consistency Creates Magic!

Our Sacred Ritual subscription boxes are monthly doses of magick delivered to your door.


Curated from astrological themes and lunar energy, these boxes are Sacred self care packages delivered direct to your door every month, that enables you to carve out time for yourself in amongst your busy  life and find the alignment needed to co-create with the universe in order to live a life you truly desire or work through your past hurts to fully realise and stand in your spectacular goddess energy!


Self care should be as much a part of your wellbeing routine as doing your hair, nails and eyebrows!

"As beautiful as the house looks, it will inevitably crumble if the foundations aren't solid".



Monthly Subscription

  • Each box will contain:

    • Specific ritual for that month
    • Handcrafted smoke stick
    • Crystal to work with dependant on the astrological theme for the month
    • Downloadable affirmation to meditate on and to repeat throughout the month
    • Journal prompt exercise that will allow you to tune in to the months theme
    • Meditation music set at the frequency of what you are working with that month i.e. for manifesting/healing/releasing etc.
    • Along with a few other alternating various items that we feel fits.