As women, we take on so much everyday. Whether it be from our kids, our partners, work colleagues, the neighbour (?!), and we keep it all inside and try and keep it together in the name of being a 'good woman/person/human".

But you know what, those feelings don't 'disappear' somewhere, long forgotten and never to be seen again. They stay in you and with you. They affect your mood, your mental wellbeing and your health. They need to be released! Which is where our releasing salt bath is the perfect addition to any self care day.


Let That Sh*t Go - Releasing Salt Bath

  • Our Releasing Salt Bath Ritual contains:

    • 1 x 18ml Salt Mix, comprised of 4 different healing salts: Himalayan pink salt, Black salt, Epsom salt and Sea salt along with blessed Florida water and lime. All of these ingredients together are a potent mix for clearing your aura and releasing negative emotions and long held traumas.
    • 1 x Black Obsidian crystal, a potent grounding and protection stone, that helps to shield you against negativity, whilst assisting you to release any disharmony that has built up in your auric field.
    • 1 x Palo Santo smoke stick, wrapped with Thyme, Cinnamon and Rose petals.
    • 2 x incense cones for during your ritual.
    • 1 x white tealight candle
    • 1 x Ritual pack sent to you via email containing; ritual instructions, a preparation guide, a meditation music link at the frequency of 432hz, which is the natural frequency of the universe and with which our body naturally resonates and a downloadable affirmation card for you to keep with you as a mantra for during and after your ritual.