Who Are You After Covid-19?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Redefining Who You Are after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ok, so here we are, at the end of the world. Alright, so that might be a bit dramatic but it is potentially the end of a way of life as we know it, and while some (read, most), are freaking out and going into heart palpitation inducing panic mode, I have been trying to keep my head up and my emotions in check. Mainly because it is not the optimum environment for your immune system if you’re stressed and anxious, but also because when you get too emotional, you lose the ability to be able to think straight, which will not help you in making V.I.P. decisions on how the rest of your “new” life will unfold.

I‘m from the school of thought that everything happens for a reason and I choose to want to try and decipher what that reason might be and how I can align with it. Which is how I am here now writing my first blog post for My Sacred Ritual after many failed attempts and a lot of analysis paralysis; in the midst of the world crashing down around us (again dramatic, but hey, I love it), wanting to share my stream of thoughts that came to me after meditation this morning.

Who am I now? Who do I want to be when this is over? What is my hearts true desire that I have been denying myself for fear of judgment, criticism and derision.

As things breakdown, it is inevitable that they have to be rebuilt and it is in this rebuilding, that we find beauty. And truth. And what truly matters.

Ask yourself genuinely: what have I been denying myself and who do I want to be when this is over and I can carry on with my life? Do I even want the same life?

Here’s the thing: You get to choose.

Realising how fragile our systems and what we perceive life to be, actually are, it is at this time that you can step into your most authentic self. Things that we thought mattered and should be striving for, has not helped us in our time of need. So then what does matter? And how do I align with it?

If you change your perspective on the situation (and turn off the damn news!), this could be the perfect time for transformation. YOU decide what matters in your life. You can do and be anything.

With the approaching New Moon in Aries on 24th March, now is the perfect time to create a plan for future You and use the power of cosmic energy to catapult your efforts.

Trust yourself. Choose you.

Sending love and light ✨

Sim xxx

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