Ritual - For. Your. LIFE!

*Said in Ru Paul.

Yes, that is super dramatic but who doesn't love a bit of drama if it's in the right container? Can I get an amen up in here?!

Ok, that's my last drag race reference...maybe. I am currently in a pink glitter Drag Race bubble, having been blessed to be able to watch the UK and USA twice a week and I AM IN HEAVEN! It is permeating my entire being. Can you tell?? 🤗

The ritual of my housemate and I cooking dinner and tuning into drag race twice a week, genuinely helped to lift my spirits during the grey and dreary time of lockdown 2.0 in the UK.

It quite literally gave me life and I will not hide it away!

Which has truly made me appreciate just how imperative it is to cultivate a ritual practice that is solely for you and designed by you, as they can get you through the toughest of days. Believe me.

As a freelancer (and a rebel), I LOVE my freedom. The constant spontaneity of life is what keeps me going. I thrive off of never being totally sure what is around the corner. So it is strange to have to admit that the now drawn out unknowingness of life in general, has actually become quite unsettling and to avoid sinking into a cavern of despair and a questioning of my very being, I have relied heavily on rituals as a way to keep me connected to myself, as well as ground me into the here and now of life, as here and now is the only thing that actually exists. In the here and now, everything is just fine. Fabulous in fact!

Spi-RITUAL is the essence and foundation of any spiritual practice - Bushmama 55

Ritual Is Life. Literally. A ritual is a task that is performed often, in a customary way. So realistically, the things you do every day are in fact your rituals. Which can be empowering or debilitating; the choice is yours.

I was recently told that in order to lead a truly spiritual life, you have to be aware of your daily rituals and that really resonated with me. The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

Now, these rituals can be adapted and altered depending on where in your cycle you may be, because as we know our body needs different things in each stage of our cycle but having a basic, consistent ritual that can be added or subtracted from, will do wonders for your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Rituals help you to attune to your natural state of being.

A morning and night-time routine for example, are great cornerstones of the day as it allows your body to start recognising the rhythms of waking up and being active and when it is time to wind down and get ready to recharge in sleep mode. Nowadays with the constant stimulation of our phones and the tv, our bodies can end up confused and always on edge, which in turn causes us stress, which then causes anxiety, which starts to have an impact on a cellular level, causing inflammation and dis-ease in the body.

Get off the carousel!! No one needs that.

Clearly, the trick then is to incorporate things that can actually work to help lift your emotional state, ground and ready you for the day ahead, so that you can clearly see what needs to be done (or not), without the added cloud of panic and anxiety.

Cultivating a morning ritual sets the tone for the rest of the day. For me, this has looked like a daily morning yoga practice that has absolutely changed my mental state. Waking up early every day to get on my mat has not only strengthened my body but also strengthened my mind. The clarity I get from totally unrelated topics whilst in the middle of a pose always blows my mind.

I also light an incense stick daily, make a pot of nettle tea and settle into a delicious bowl of chia pudding and ALL the fruits. This is more or less always the beginning of my day and I feel like I can think clearly when I start the day in this way.

In the evening, I enjoy changing the lighting vibe up - I have 8 lighting set ups to choose from in my room alone - before I sleep. This could be turning on my Selenite lamp whilst I go through a thorough facial cleansing routine with nourishing and delicious smelling facial oils that I let sink into my skin as it regenerates through the night. A sensual, self care, goddess evoking ritual that makes me feel calmed. I take a moment to check in with my breathing here and I more often than not notice that my breathing is actually quite ragged, so I take a deep breath, release and begin to breathe consciously. Ahhhhh it is calming af.

We also need daily spiritual practices to keep us protected though. We may not realise it but our aura is actually under spiritual attack more often than not. Now yes, I admit that may sound dramatic but I am actually being really serious here. The bombardment of fear and naysaying constantly in the media - is a spiritual attack. Consistently being in contact with these things, lowers your vibrations as it puts you in a despondent mood and it is when you are in this lower vibration that you are more susceptible to dark spiritual entities attaching themselves to your aura. These entities feed on you in the form of of guilt, fear, jealousy, resentment, self-hate etc and the only way to combat this is to keep your vibration so high that you are longer a match for darker, negative energies.

Consider making a personal altar for you to hold space for yourself, that you connect to on a daily basis and where you set your intention for the day from. This altar space can be as simple as a small box of items that are particularly precious to you or as elaborate as a whole table with candles, feathers, tarot cards, a chalice of water - the whole nine yards. What is most important is the intention that it is created and imbued with.

Consciously make your home or a section of your home a sacred space, so when things outside get chaotic, you have these routines and spaces to help you feel fully secure and stable in your sanctuary.

I will leave you with a video from one of my favourite genealogists - Bruce Lipton, who helps put into perspective that we are so much more than the outer shell that we see and believe is who we are. We are a community of over 50 trillion intelligent cells that are constantly working together and responding to our environment. So it is our duty to create an environment that is conducive to a loving and receptive state, for it is from that state that our body creates. Treat the dis -ese by treating the stress. Treat the stress by cultivating a grounding spi-ritual practise.

With love, as always

Sim xxx

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