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Hi, my name is Simone Sylvester and I’m a word hoarder 👋🏾.

I love finding new words and their meanings, then storing them in my mind for future use. It is probably why I naturally aligned with and now vehemently believe, that words are powerful and we create spells with our words all of the time. We can either bless ourselves or curse ourselves. Personally, I choose to bless myself and so live in a consistent fantasy world created by the diction that things are always working out for me (even if I can’t actually see it at the time).

I have also always been into journaling and have actively kept diaries and journals for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I sought the diaries that came with a padlock and a tiny key that made me feel grown-up and special and I would methodically (and somewhat ritually now that I think about it), write in my diary daily or as and when I had news to share - essentially with myself. *Full transparency, I would actually apologise to it if I had been having way too much fun riding my bike and building treehouses that week/month to write an entry.

The diary writing naturally evolved into journaling as I got older, and has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whenever I become highly stressed or there are just too.many.thoughts, I always go back to sitting down and writing it all out so I can reset my brain and think clearly again. Oftentimes thoughts and feelings will spill out onto the page that I hadn’t realised I was even feeling!?!

So, when I discovered moon journaling by way of a happy accident, I was instantly intrigued. I’ve always had a natural affinity with the moon; nothing can beat the luminescent glow of a full moon shining in all her glory. A glow that always makes me exclaim ‘omg look at the moon!’ literally wherever I am. A glow that has the subtle power to instantly fill me with a sense of calm and can have me eschewing my bed to lie on my sofa all night “moon bathing”.

Most people are generally aware when there’s a full moon as it’s usually pretty hard to miss against the enveloping darkness of a nights sky. There’s also quite often a slight tinge of fraught energy in the air that you can’t quite figure out why, until you look up, see the moon and connect the dots. Not as many people are aware of the delicious energy that comes with the other phases though, with my most favourite being the all-encompassing darkness of the new moon - where the real magic happens (in my humble opinion).

I call my moon journal my Moon Magic Book, as it is literally like a magic book where you write down your desires and then watch them come true! It blows my mind every time. Side note - anytime something hasn’t come true, I then see it either needed fine tweaking or wasn’t actually an authentic desire but rather I felt like I should want it.

Realising and harnessing the true power that we hold as spiritual beings is something that never gets old and something I will advocate for the rest of my life. As the layers of conditioning are slowly peeled away, the way you move in the world and the world itself - changes. Remembering the scientific fact that everything is energy and our vibrations simply reacts to the energetic vibration around us, we see just how important it is to keep our vibes high. THAT is our true full-time job. Why? Because to truly manifest the house down, your vibration has to be in check. Getting your vibes and mind right is manifesting 101, otherwise, you are operating from a place of lack and doubt and what good can really come from that place?

Getting your vibes right first starts with a healthy dose of gratitude. I mean, we are a bunch of bloody lucky people here on Mother Earth. Firstly we’re human. We have opposable thumbs and we can eat delicious food that can just appear at our door within the hour. We were lucky enough to be given consciousness, a body that is truly a marvel and if you’re reading this, then you’re on some sort of electronic device which you’re also super lucky to have in your possession. So yeah, we have a whole lot to be grateful for.

Once you start realising just how lucky we truly are - even for the small things - it changes your energetic vibrations dramatically. It’s like an espresso shot for your aura and it helps to further align you to your highest self/vibration.

Being in this state catapults your manifestations and brings your desires to you even quicker.

Ok great but how do you manifest with the moon exactly?! I hear you ask. Well, I have a few key points as guidance but keeping in mind that the real work lies in gratitude, an unwavering knowledge that the universe is abundant and that whatever you ask for is already yours - as long as you aren’t harming anyone obvs because you know, free will.

Moon Magic tips to remember when journaling:

• KEEP AN EYE on what house and sign the moon is in for that lunation. Note how that relates to your chart placement as it is a good indication of which area of your life you should focus on to get the best results out of that cycle.

• START TO THINK about what you want to manifest/let go/work on (depending on the moon phase) a few days before, so you can get clear and be concise with your wording when journaling.

• PREPARE YOUR RITUAL SPACE (fyi - our moon magic notebooks has a cute checklist at the top of each page so you can ensure a sacred ritual space each time), personally I like to make sure that I have at least 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time set aside. This should include smudging the space first to clean the energy. Paolo Santo is my personal fav for this or Copal resin on a charcoal disc but sage and even rosemary works just as well, it just depends on your preference really. Put out any crystals that call to you if you so desire. Light a candle also if you feel called to, white is a good general candle to cover all bases. As I always say, the main ingredient to any ritual is you and your intention. You’re the conduit for magic. You’re the divine, abundant spiritual being. It is all already yours, you’re just taking the time to focus and ask for it.

• SETTLE YOUR FOCUS with a short meditation, either in a crossed-legged upright position to ensure full energetic flow to all your chakra points or sitting in a chair with your bare feet planted firmly on the floor, to ground you into the earth's energy.

• START WRITING once you feel focused and calm. Now the trick here is to write as if it’s already happened. I like to write it as if it’s a diary entry and I’m grateful for all the good things that have happened to me even though they are actually the things I want to happen, exactly as I want them to happen.

• BE SPECIFIC! This is not the time for wishy-washy intentions. Write with conviction and specify exactly how you want your life to go down.

• FEEL AS IF - now this is important. Feeling the gratitude in you as you write, exponentially increases the turnaround time. We are living in an energetic world after all. In accordance with the Law of Vibration, the closer you are - energetically - to your desires, the faster you call them in! As I said earlier - our actual full-time job is to keep our vibration high.

• KNOW that it’s making its way to you. The hows are none of your concern. The universe works in mysterious ways so just know that things are always working out for you and wait for it to appear!

A tiny caveat - no you can't just literallyyyy sit and do nothing until it appears, there's a thing called inspired action and if you feel called to do a task, do it! It will lead you to where you want to go, even if you're not sure how.

I promise you goddess, do this with genuine intention and you will be amazed at how fast you can call in your desires. You will truly begin to see the magic of life that is available to us.

With love, as always…

Sim xxx

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