I Put A Spell On...Myself?! 😳🤦🏾‍♀️

I will happily admit that I am a word geek. I mean I have a semicolon tattoo for god's sake! It's safe to say, it is a title I wear proudly.

I have always been a keen reader and loved getting lost in a new world in the imagination of my brain. One of my fondest memories of my childhood was going to the local library with my mum once a month, where I was allowed to choose 5 books to take home. Five!?! How can I possibly choose a mere five whilst standing in the middle of a wealth of potential information/stories to fill my brain with?

Needless to say, I was always the kid that agonisingly had to whittle down my inevitable pile of 15 books to 5 (shout out to my Libra rising in full effect there with the non-decision making trait), and I would greedily read through those books in about two weeks and then spend the next two weeks before my next library trip, writing, drawing and conjuring up my own stories.

Aah, childhood bliss.

Words have a way of transporting you to lands that are so vivid and rich, that you just can't get from simply watching tv or a movie. Words penetrate your soul. The imagery that is formed in your mind's eye lingers even when you have shut the book and carry on with life. It's the reason why the book is always better than the film. Because who can compete with your imagination?? An impact of a book can change the course of your life, strengthen you or fill you with total sorrow.

Words are powerful. Words are energy. Words are spells.

In our society, however, it is generally overlooked just how powerful the things we say are. The energy behind those words shapes our lives. They shape who we think we are and what we feel we deserve.

Mind management is a daily task and speaking the right words to yourself is a major part of that. With every word you say, you are casting a spell. On yourself.

The self-deprecating humour that makes your mates crack up, is actually you casting a spell of unworthiness on yourself.

The "I'm so crap with money" jibe that you often repeat, is blocking your birthright order of abundance that is yours for the taking as soon as you actually rise to claim it.

Now the thing with this is, a lot of these words and phrases that we so easily repeat to ourselves - quite often daily - are a product of many years of conditioning and social programming, so it is fair to recognise that it WILL take a while to reverse its effect but it's absolutely not impossible and as soon as you do and begin to see the HUGE difference it makes to your life, you will discard those useless spells quicker than your bra after a long day at work!

In the current time we find ourselves in - let's call it the Age Of 'Rona - there are words that are being carelessly bandied around and globally accepted without any question. Words such as "The New Normal", that are casting global spells and helping to keep us acquiescent.

It is in this time, probably more than any other, that we have to be diligent with what leaves our lips. The "updates" that are being constantly broadcast daily as "news", is just serving to cast spells of fear.

Be aware of your words goddesses!! Assess what you say on repeat and examine it. Question why you say it; is it serving you and where did that belief come from?

Most of the time it can be discarded and replaced with more affirming phrases.

Personally, when I was on a mission to change my self-talk, I turned to Abraham Hicks and made a point of listening to her daily on good ol' YouTube, until her philosophy was ingrained in me.

I still use one of her mantras almost daily; Everything is always working out for me.

It does wonders to instantly alter your perspective on a topic and talk you off the ledge of anxiety! Honestly, give it a go when you feel your monkey mind taking over and you're about to head into despair. You're welcome 😎.

Now, the thing that is most important and to never forget is that YOU ARE A CREATOR and when you create deliberately - magic happens. We can't turn our point of attraction off and so by default, we are creating all the time and speaking is just one way to create. Working with the new moon and lunar energy is another but that's a whole different post.

Fun fact - Abracadabra is not just a nonsensical word used for enhancing the folly of spell making for tv fodder. It is an actual word with ancient origins in Hebrew and means "I create what I speak". 💥

As a pure force of nature, you harness the power of the universe on the tip of your tongue. One of mankind's greatest creations are words (in my humble opinion anyway). Not much else has the power to truly transcend time and space; capable of controlling the human mind; capable of changing the course of your life.

We are sorcerers, magicians, charmers, creative conjurers, magic personified! We have the ability to convince, change and create. That is where the real power is at. It makes you unstoppable. Don't be afraid of it. Step into it and shout your power out into the universe.

It has your back.

Sending love, as always.

Sim xxx

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