Finding Balance In These Wavering Times

Last week we had a full moon in Libra - the sign of Balance. As the first full moon of Spring, it being a Super Moon and considering the times we currently find ourselves in, it is interesting to consider exactly what balance means to us at this point.

As we begin to settle into this new way of existing for the foreseeable future, we can start to cultivate tools and rituals that allow us to feel a sense of calm in this crazy storm. On the evening of the full moon, I went out in the dead of night to stand and stare at the moon from the end of my road. In awe and acknowledgement of its beauty, I silently sent out my release offerings for the month. After a few more moments and a curt bow in gratitude, I went back inside, feeling peaceful, calm and a little bit lighter.

And that my friends, was my ritual done. That was as much as I could muster at the time, and that was ok. Anything that is pure of heart and strong in mind will have the same effect as a full ritual circle with candles, incense and chanting (not that I don't also loooove a drawn out moon circle). But, at this time in our lives, when things are constantly changing and no one can really be sure of anything anymore, it is all about balance.

Finding balance in your feelings, in your every day and in your mindset. Some days, you will wake up; meditate, have a green tea, do a virtual exercise class (if you haven't tried one yet, get involved - they're actually great) and be ready to take on the world aka the walls of your house. On other days however, you will wake up and lie in bed looking at - quite frankly hilarious - memes on Instagram for two hours and seriously questioning the point of getting dressed because you CAN'T LEAVE THE DAMN HOUSE!!!!! And they are both ok, because - Balance.

Read a lot of social media posts or articles right now and the running theme is maximising this time we have to learn a language, become an expert in Sourdough baking (?!) or "upskill". Now this is all well and good for some, but it is also ok to just BE.

Process your thoughts - of which I am sure you currently have many. Sometimes you can deal with it and sometimes you just can't.

There is a process to this and seeing as no one reallllly knows where that process is leading too, how about just honouring your body, using nothing other than how you feel. How do I feel today? What can I handle? Be guided by your intuition, listen to your inner voice and go with what feels right for you, with no apologies.

A couple of quick ways to check in with yourself are:

1. Check your breathing - Breathing is such an essential part of our daily life - literally keeping us alive - and yet it is the thing we take most for granted. Taking the time to check in on your breath, tells you about your state of mind. By stopping and re-calibrating your breathing, you put yourself back into the present moment and take back control. Longer breaths = a longer life span.

So, pause, put your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your belly and take a loooong deep breath in, expanding your stomach and filling it up with air. Hold it for 5 seconds, then take a looong exhale, really pushing the air back out of you and sucking your belly into your rib cage. Repeat that 3 times to reset your breathing and anchor yourself back into the present moment, where everything is fine. You are alive. You are healthy. You have a roof over your head and I am sure you have a fridge full of food!

2. Check your thoughts - Ask yourself how you are feeling today? Like, for real, how am I really feeling? Listen too and honour yourself. It is your body communicating with you, telling you what it needs to feel good, to re-balance itself.

Side note - there will be a voice in your head known as your Monkey Mind or Ego, that will immediately talk over whatever the initial thought that came into your head was. IGNORE IT! The first initial thought and feeling, is the truth. That is your inner self telling you whats up, honour her.

Sending love and light.

Sim xxx

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