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Hello and welcome to my Goddess Circle!

My Sacred Ritual exists to help you create space in your life to honour and love yourself whilst owning your personal power.

Through the use of a variety of spiritual tools such as Scripting, Healing baths, Plant Medicine and Candles etc, I aim to assist and nurture you in your spiritual evolution.

You are invited to cultivate a ritual practice that allows you to check in with yourself and serves to keep you in alignment with Universal energy as you go through your daily life.

I am Simone Sylvester, owner and creator of My Sacred Ritual and I am so grateful to be able to share my story and practices with you.

My story starts with a 10 year career in the fashion and music industry as a freelance stylist, working with incredible artists and brands. I realised a dream that I worked incredibly hard for and was super thankful that I was living the life I wanted.
Or so I thought.

I began to develop this nagging feeling that there just HAD to be more to this thing that we call Life and if so what is it.
WELL...that inquiry led me down a wonderful rabbit hole of self development and self exploration, to an Awakening to my Soul's Purpose.


From that, I am here today sharing the spiritual tools that helped me to (re)discover my magick and begin to ascend my soul. Having accepted my role as a healer, I have vowed to assist others in their spiritual leveling up, for a greater understanding of and ultimately a more abundant life.

Welcome to the circle Goddess.

Get ready to manifest your best life!




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